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Reasons to prune include improving appearance remove dad dying broken or diseased branches Our staff of trained professionals adhere to ANSI A -300 pruning standards. Incorrect pruning can lead to a decline in your trees health and possibly a hazardous condition later on Proper pruning adds to a trees health, longevity, and value.


There are three types of removal; Crane, bucket truck, and manual (climbing). Our professionals have the skill and expertise to execute any type of removal safely and efficiently.

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Cabling and bracing are used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage. If you spot signs such as cracks, trees with heavy foliage, stress damage from wind or ice or tight V crotches with included bark you tree may be a candidate for cabling or bracing.

Lightning Protection

A lightning Protection System is one way to protect mature trees that have high value. The protection systems consist of copper conductor wires that run from the top of the tree in the soil. We trench about 6 inches deep for the cable to run from the tree trunk to beyond its drip line. The cables are then connected to copper coated ground rods which are driven 10ft into the ground.

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Soil Analysis


Since most urban soil bears very little resemblance to the rich organic soil of the undisturbed forest floor, it is important to supplement needed nutrients to maintain healthy plants. Liquid fertilizer applied with hydraulic pressure also aerates badly compacted soil. When soil becomes compacted from walkways, driveways, and even foot traffic, oxygen in the soil becomes void. Oxygen in soil is necessary to sustain the microorganisms that break down organic material and make it available to tree roots. Trees like people need their essential elements to lead a flourishing, healthy life. Fertilizing maintains healthy trees. Diseases are more likely to attack stressed trees. Fertilization encourages vitality to relieve trees from stress. Established trees that are weakened by foliar disease, insects, mechanical injury, soil compaction, or drought often show poor growth or dieback. Fertilizing stimulates vegetative growth which helps the tree compensate for the conditions that caused the decline. Do not wait until a problem occurs to fertilize your trees. Remember, many problems do not normally occur when trees are kept well fertilized and watered. Mycorrhizal fungi are an essential part of all healthy plant growth and survival. Mycorrhizal work as an extension of the plants roots to help the plant to take up soil nutrients and water in exchange for a steady source of sugars. Applications of mycorrhizal through hydro injections in to the root zone area of trees when fertilizing promotes healthy root performance, provides a natural defense against root disease and pest assault, improves tree longevity, survival, and adds essential elements to the soil.

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